Instant lead follow up system to real estate agents.


Client Blossom's system gives you access to instantly follow up with a genuine human response from our 100% U.S.-based team to identify your hottest prospects.​ Once a is qualified, you’re notified immediately notified. We live transfer them to you or schedule an appointment on your calendar.


ClientBlossom instantly contacts your leads for you

Stop Wasting Leads


Even after submitting a form, 6 out of 7 leads won’t respond to your email or phone calls (plus 9 out of 10 prefer to text). Leads need quick attention 24/7, so an SMS-first approach and respectful, persistent follow-up is needed to convert leads into sales-ready prospects.

  • Let us warm up your leads

    Client Blossom communicates with people on their preferred time and terms using authentic, two-way conversations powered by real humans.

  • Retain and connect with old leads

    Just because a lead goes dark doesn’t mean it’s dead. We nurture unresponsive leads for up to 6 months and help contact old leads who are ready to re-engage.

  • Real people warming-up your leads

    We combine our script expertise with your deep knowledge of your business to tailor the perfect content and timing of every message.



The system syncs to your lead sources or CRM

Your friendly onboarding specialist will sync your lead sources or CRM with our platform

The system instantly engages & qualifies the lead

The system instantly contact all your leads 24/7, do all the follow-up, and identify qualified leads for your sales team.

You focus on motivated prospects

We live transfer and book appointments for your salespeople with qualified prospects who are ready to move forward.

Why Realtors Love Client Blossom


Client Blossom's AI-driven multi-channel conversation platform pairs respectful, persistent follow-up with a genuine human response from our 100% U.S. based team to identify your hottest prospects.

Once we qualify a lead, you’re notified immediately. We live transfer them to you or schedule an appointment on your calendar.

Verse also provides you with real-time engagement history, conversation data, and lead enrichment so your sales teams are always ready to hit the ground running.


How it Works


A combination of automation and real human begins contact your leads, then you close the deal.

  • CRM  Integration

    We plug any lead source or CRM into the Verse platform. We can trigger field updates, send engagement history, pass complete lead info, and more.

  • Instant Contact by Local Humans

    We immediately engage each lead with an authentic, two-way conversation that allows us to identify qualified leads for your sales team.

  • Reports

    Your Insights Dashboard gives you full visibility into how each lead channel is performing. See conversation data, response rates, and much more.

  • Leads Ready for Sales

    Our mission is to make sure your sales team is only spending time with qualified prospects who are ready to take the next step!

Where you work, we can help. Whether you work with a big name below or as a single, independent real estate agent, you need instant responses.

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the just $7.50 to +$8 per lead transmission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most common frequently asked questions.


Is your team US based?


Yes!  The people that speak with your leads to help set appointments are based in the USA.


Do you have a plan for brokerages or agencies?


How does the billing work?


Straightforward billing.  You choose a prepaid deposit that you would like to make on the sign up page. The prepaid deposit is non-refundable.


Do I get a better price per lead with the prepaid deposit?


Yes.  Choose a larger prepaid plan and you will pay a lower amount if you have an overage.


Enterprise level plans are also available for large brokerages and agencies.


Can I connect my CRM to your system?


How soon can I have my leads contacted?


Can I cancel anytime?


Yes.  We'll be sad to see you go, but once you cancel, you will be charged for any overages for the current billing cycle and your future monthly payments will cease in the following month.  Any prepaid amounts are non-refundable.


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